Friday night plan movietheir mother goes on a business trip, two feuding brothers secretly team up to throw the hottest party of the year before she returns.

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan movie I love how romance, ambition and heartbreak collide with the addiction of social media.

Hi Nanna movie The lives of a kind-hearted father and his 6-year-old daughter take a dramatic turn when the woman he loves marries someone else.

Good Grief movie I, an artist mourning the death of her famous writer husband, takes her two best friends on a trip to Paris

 Feelgood movie I love the game-winning goal, the romantic kiss, the musical number that takes you completely by surprise.

Dhak Dhak movie On the trip of a lifetime, four women set out on motorbikes from New Delhi to the highest mountain pass in the world in Ladakh, India.

three of us movie When a woman suffering from early dementia visits her husband in her hometown, repressed memories and former loves pave the way.

goodbye In the film, a family's vow is broken when the mother suddenly passes away.