Aashiqui 3 Movie Will Not Be Made Now, Revealed The Truth

Everyone seemed very happy about the making of Aashiqui 3 movie. Everyone was waiting for this movie that this movie is going to be seen in theaters soon. But we were hearing all these rumors in front of us. Many rumors were being heard regarding the cast of this film. In which one thing was confirmed that Kartik Aryan has been cast in the movie Aashiq 3 and along with this, nothing was confirmed as an actress, but still on one hand we got the name of Bhabhi 2 i.e. Trupti Dimri. Had been.

On one hand, Sara Ali Khan’s name was also appearing. But now all these rumors have ended and we have got the news about what is going to happen in Aashiqui 3 Movie. And how will Aashiqui 3 be, complete information about this movie is given below.

Will Aashiqui 3 Movie Not Be Made?

From some big media reports about Aashiqui 3 Movie, we were being told that Kartik Aryan has been cast in this movie. But now the makers of Aashiq 3 movie, i.e. T-Series, have told us that this movie is not going to be made and while disclosing all the rumors going on on the internet, they have said that till now T-Series has no plans to make Aashiqui 3 Movie and no one has been cast in this film and even the director has not yet written the story of Aashiqui 3 Movie. The main thing is that no work has been started yet to make a story on this movie.

T Series stopped making Aashiqui 3 movie. There is a lot of anticipation for the third installment of the blockbuster musical ‘Aashiqui’ franchise. There were reports that Kartik Aryan is playing the lead role in the film while ‘Animal’ fame Trupti Dimri is playing the female lead role.

However, T-Series has put all the rumors to rest by issuing a statement and clarified that it is not involved in the production of Kartik Aryan’s film Aashiqui 3.

Has The Making Of Aashiqui 3 Movie Been Stopped?

Someone had said that we may get to see Aashiq 3 movie within Diwali 2025 but there is nothing like that, Bhushan Kumar came in front of us and told in an interview that Aashiq 3 movie is not going to be made and till now we have not heard about it. If the producer and director have not thought anything about the Aashiqui 3 movie, then how did people know that Kartik Aryan has been cast in the Aashiqui 3 movie. Is there any work on the Aashiqui 3 movie right now? Is not running.

T Series Statement On Aashiqui 3 Movie

Aashiqui 3 Movie

On Aashiqui 3 Movie, T-Series said on its X (formerly Twitter) account that it is “not currently involved in the development or production of Aashiqui 3″. The post read, “If and when Aashiqui 3 is launched, T-Series and Vishesh Films/Mukesh Bhatt, being joint owners in the franchise, will jointly produce it. We categorically deny any ongoing rumors stating that Aashiqui 3 is being produced by T-Series under a different title. Our proposed film directed by Anurag Basu is neither Aashiqui 3 nor part of the Aashiqui franchise.” In 2022, Kartik shared the motion poster of Aashiqui 3 on Instagram.

Aashiqui 2 Movie Review

Story: In the movie, world famous Rahul falls in love with Aarohi, a woman who sings in a bar. He helps her fulfill her dream of becoming a famous singer but his own shortcomings jeopardize their future. This Movie 2 is about two singers falling in love. Apart from being a blockbuster, it was a pop culture moment. This movie has been given a rating of 4.8 by the audience. This movie has been described as a blockbuster storyline movie.

Aashiqui 2 Movie

The movie was one of the highest-grossing Hindi films of 2013. This movie was released in India on 27 April, as soon as it was released, crowds gathered in theaters to watch the movie. The movie grossed over ₹109 crore (US$14 million). The film was a commercial success at the box-office despite the new cast.

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