Noise Buds Xero Launched with Hybrid ANC (50dB)

The Noise Buds Xero has recently been officially launched by the Noise Company, which will start pre-booking orders from  8 Feb 2024. The Buds Zero has 12.4mm drivers and is powered by high fidelity acoustics with a combination of PEEK and titanium materials. It comes with new technology like adaptive hybrid ANC up to 50dB, Sound+ algorithm for better call quality, low-latency mode up to 50ms  and in-ear detection support. Stay tuned to the end of this article for complete information about its price and features.

Noise Buds Xero Price & Pre Booking Offer

This noise buds come in  TWS  Chrome Black,  Chrome Beige and Chrome Blue these three colors. You can buy it from  the  company’s website from 8 Feb and it will be available on  Flipkart and Amazon. in at an initial price of Rs. Noise Buds Xero Price ₹4,499  launched price. But if you prebook these buds, then you will see a discount in its price. The company has offered offers with huge discounts for pre-booking. 

Noise Buds Xero PreBook Offers

The pre-booking price of these buds has been given at Rs 299, if you want to get a discount in the price of these buds, then you deposit your Rs 299 and pre-order, then you will get a flat discount of Rs 1,000. If you prebook the Noise Buds Zero then the effective price will be ₹3,499.

On the day of launch, log on to the Noise company’s website and apply the coupon code received on your registered email-id and the buds cost ₹3,499. If you want to buy good buds, then you can buy these buds because you are getting huge discounts on preorders.

Noise Buds Xero Features

In today’s time, buds are made by companies with new technology, similarly, the noise company is recently launching Noise Buds  Xero Buds, in which a lot of new features were given, which we will talk about.

Noise Buds Xero Features

The buds are made from  PEEK and titanium 12.4mm driver material that connects to mobile phones via Bluetooth connectivity. Its design looks quite attractive and beautiful. By touching these buds externally, you can control such as volume low and high, call attend and disconnect etc. In these buds, technology has been used that can detect the inside of the ear. And it works with the Dhvani Plus algorithm for calling up to  50 dB through  3-level ANC: Dark, Light and Transparent mode.

The xero buds also have AI voice assist support. With which you can also do music or other work by giving commands. The total playback time of these buds is up to 50 hours, which you can listen to music for 50  hours without charging or use it for other work.

Along with charging, they have fast charging and Instacharge fast charging support, which can be used for 6 hours of playback by charging for only 10 minutes. The Xero Buds also feature a low latency of 50ms, Hyper Sync technology and  IPX5 splash and sweat resistance. And a  1-year warranty is provided to the users by the company, so that you can get the buds repaired within a year if they are damaged.

Noise Buds Xero Pre Booking Link- Click Here

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