Poacher Series Release: Crime, Action, Police Force

Poacher Series Release: Very few movies and web series made in Indian forest history are seen. But recently, the trailer of the web series Poacher, which is made on the biggest crime inside the forests, has been released on YouTube. In which we have been shown the story of crime between the forests and a very thrilling story through the trailer. Action, crime and police are also shown inside.

We are going to see a lot of thriller action, the trailer of Pochar looks very spectacular to watch, this story is shown in the forests of Kerala. Where a lot of crime has started happening now, and more than one big animal is being hunted. Due to which species of animals are seen to be extinct. Now the police force goes out to stop the hunting of animals, the story of Poacher Series is going to be of a very easy way, which will be shown to us through Dhamaal Action, Crime. Let us express the release date of this series and the discussions of the story.

Poacher Series Release Trailer

The trailer of the Poacher series has been released on 15 Feb on Prime Video India’s official YouTube and social networks. Seeing this, you can also understand the action, crime story in this series. Prime Video says that this series has been made an original crime series. At the beginning of the trailer of this series, while hunting the animals living inside the forests, they were shot and killed by the gun.

It has expressed the story of the forests of Kerala. In which big elephants live in which they hunt and smuggle their tusks. As soon as this news comes to know about the forest officials, they take action on this crime and put the police force for investigation. Along with this, some people are involved in this crime, in which police people are also involved. Some characters are seen in its trailer, in which it is very good to see the action of everyone, because everyone has played an important role of their character. Seeing its trailer, it is clear that this series has been shot mostly at night. 

Poacher Series Release Date OTT

Along with the release of the trailer of the Poacher series, its release date has also been revealed. Because after watching the trailer of this series, all the people are waiting for its release date. So you have been given the Poacher Series Release Date 23 February 2024 given by Prime Video India. And with this, let me also tell you that the Poacher series will be released only on the OTT Platform, and not in any other theater.

Poacher Series OTT Release is going to be on Prime Video India. Which you can enjoy by watching it sitting at home on Prime Video. This web series can be more enjoyable for those who like to watch web series with wild animals and crime.

Poacher Series Release Story

Everyone is curious after watching the trailer to know the story of Poacher Series. In this series, a group of Indian Forest Service officers, NGO activists, police constables and good people risk their lives trying to track down the biggest poachers of ivory. In the history of India and they are brought to justice.  This series is based on hunting in the forests of Kerala.

Poacher Series Release Story

In which people kill the elephant of the forests and take out their teeth and then smuggle them to sell them at a high price. Which comes in the illegal work of a forest department. With the help of the police force by the Forset department, many traps are laid to catch the smugglers, in which they succeed in the end. Then in the end, it is revealed that forest department and police personnel are also involved in this smuggling, who are read and punished by the court.

This series teaches that one should think twice before doing any illegal work, because it is wrong to do this work, due to which the punishment is not far from the hands of the law. You must share your opinion from the story of this series by commenting. 

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