Ram Aayenge Ayodhya, 22 January Inauguration, Blind Devotee?

Ram Aayenge Ayodhya: As you know, Lord Shri Ram is coming to Ayodhya on the day of inauguration of Ram temple to be held on 22 January, saints, Bollywood celebrities, actors and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are attending the Ram Lala Pran Pratista ceremony, in which Modi will be the chief guest.

Ram Aayenge Ayodhya: Logic Of People

Ram Aayenge Ayodhya:

I have seen him trembling

Pretending to cry full time!

I wondered how the favor would be repaid!

He has a huge majority of power!

Complete media managed!


All democratic institutions have fallen before a whip!

Even though the RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Romeo gang have all bowed down, a great man has done such a big favor that he did not install his statue in place of Shri Ram!

Will Jai Shri Ram Ji be able to repay this favor of the great man?

It’s about getting an opportunity and using that opportunity!Patel did not get the opportunity and Nehruji got it!

In the same way, Advani was the PM-in-waiting but by advocating those who had to be removed from the Chief Minister, he himself came in the race for PM!

Advaniji is getting emotional after reading neither the request to come nor Duggal Saheb seeing the condition of the unemployed!

Forcefully Shri Ram has everything but there is no Rama!

Modi is there but Joshi-Advani has no work here !!

Ram Aayenge Ayodhya: Blind Devotee

Ram Aayenge Ayodhya: Blind Devotee

To be blind, a man must be a fierce fool. Being blind is indicative of man’s worst state of mind.

A blind devotee has only problems, there are no solutions. He chooses a shrine entangled in a duality, not knowing the real cause of his problem.

There, he performs the rituals of the mind to solve his problems. When the problem is not resolved for some time, the shrine/God changes.

In this way, a blind devotee keeps moving from one place of worship to another, from one god to another throughout his life.

He is not aware of the real diagnosis of problems, so his problems are constantly increasing. In this way, his frustrations also increase.

The whole life of a blind devotee passes in duality. He doesn’t know the essence of life. He lives in empty ideals and imagination among his own kind of people.

The man inside the blind devotee dies because of pretending to be an ideal throughout his life. Sympathy should be shown to the blind devotees caught in this strange mood.

Blind devotees should always be treated with sensitivity and should understand the mood and tell the real cause and diagnosis of their problem.

If a little less fierce is stupid and is in the process of becoming blind then there is every possibility of improvement.

Ram Aayenge Ayodhya: Merging Of People

Ram Aayenge Ayodhya: Merging Of People

Indian democracy has been hijacked by politicians, media and industrialists in a vicious manner where the people seem helpless to draw their breath by getting trapped in the system created by them.

Now it seems that in a democracy, the people themselves have become victims of merger rather than being the people. The pen of the media is always in conflict with the power, but the Indian media is playing in the lap of power.

Such is the condition of the people that the fan club of journalists sitting in the car of power is merging with them!By becoming fans of politicians, people are merging into politicians and industrialists sitting behind journalists and politicians are driving them.

It is good to be a fan of the hero/heroine of the field of entertainment because they cannot decide the future of you and your future generation. Those who have the key to the present and future of the world in their hands become their fans, then you cannot question by becoming a public because by taking a selfie together and pasting it on your profile, you have confirmed that you have merged your existence of being a folk in it.

Fan means you have lost the first step of the battle for your basic rights and facilities. People should always be alive in a democracy. Power is always cruel and wants control over the people at all times. The person sitting in power is always scared and due to that fear, he keeps on intimidating the rest of the people through his fan.

It has always been the tragedy of the Indian continent that the world has never been seen trying to become a world by itself. Every now and then some kind of artisan comes in between and makes him feel like a folk and then the same three leaves of dhak!

In a democracy, mass movements, media becoming the voice of the people instead of power and the questions of citizens are such indispensable pillars that establish the people above the system.

I question everyone not because I want to humiliate them, but because I am fighting for my share as a public in democracy. I am a voter, but with finger ink, my politics ends and I concentrate on the role of the people.

This is the merger of people in the system of fan clubs of journalists, nationalists of industrialists, fan clubs of politicians etc. which should always be avoided.

This problem is not only of India but of the entire Indian subcontinent and has been in abundance in Europe earlier, but the result of public awareness in Europe is that millions of people take to the streets of France to remove the President!Can people in the Indian sub-continent take to the streets demanding the removal of an MLA?Legal experts with fan clubs are sitting on the coil on the demand for such a change, the media will immediately declare the people as criminals, the fan clubs of MLA ji will start a ruckus and call the system to use force.

The result of the merger of the people is that the politicians do not answer the questions of the people, the system does not pay attention to the movements of the people. So many big mass movements succumbed to this merger and the aware people sat down in despair. The speed at which the world is being merged, at the same speed the world is getting ruined by getting caught in the claws of the system.

Abuse on social media, mob attacks on people, killings of social workers, social media lynching etc. are the result of the merger of this world.

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