Rohit Sharma Spoke Admiringly About Virat Kohli’s Attitude and Profession In The Interview

Rohit Sharma Interview: Both Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are tremendous batsmen of Team India, but Rohit played under Virat’s captaincy for a long time, but nowadays the matter has turned upside down, now Rohit Sharma is captaining and Virat is seen playing under him. However, Virat did not join the first two matches of the ongoing Test series against England. But Kohli still remains in the discussion, during this Test, an interview of Rohit Sharma has gone viral, Dinesh Karthik has been seen talking to Rohit for Jio Cinema.

In this interview, Rohit praised Virat Kohli’s intent and attitude, Rohit also advised the new youngsters to learn from Virat, Rohit also said that he considers himself lucky to be able to see Virat Kohli playing closely. Rohit stressed how Kohli is always available for the team and he has not missed a long time yet.

Rohit praised Virat and said, ‘I have been lucky that I have been able to see Virat so closely, we keep talking about him as a batsman but people do not see what he does outside the field, he is passionate for the game and always has the hunger to play, always available for the team, this is the most important thing obviously But if there are no personal reasons.” Saying this, he spoke his mind.

Rohit Sharma Advises To Learn From Virat Kohli

Rohit said that there is a lot to learn from Virat Kohli not only inside the field but also off the field. Rohit also talked about how the new players can learn a lot from experience, so the youth should learn a lot from Kohli.

Rohit Sharma Advises To Learn From Virat Kohli

Virat is not playing in the first two Tests because the  BCCI says that Virat Kohli has withdrawn from the first two Test matches due to personal reasons. Then he talked to captain Rohit Sharma, team management and selectors about this and said that playing for the country has always been his top priority, but there are some personal circumstances where he is very important, due to such a reason Kohli did not join the Test match .

Virat Kohli Has Not Been To NCA Till Date

Rohit Sharma says that Virat Kohli has never been to NCA in his entire career. I would say that all the young players should see their passion. How he plays cover drives, flicks, cuts will learn a lot about good batting from him, but first you have to understand what is his specialty that has brought him to where he stands today.

Since making his international debut in 2008, Virat Kohli has never stayed away from the game for long. Because he has been seen to be very hardworking in terms of fitness, so much so that unlike other players, he has never had to face any major injury. Whereas leaving aside the tours against smaller teams, Virat has been playing continuously for the last one and a half decade.

Virat Kohli’s Passion and Dedication

During the first Test match, captain Rohit Sharma praised Virat Kohli’s passion and dedication on the jio cinema. And said that he is always hungry to do well for the team. The youth should look and learn from their passion and dedication. I’m lucky to be able to see them up close. Rohit Sharma has also praised Virat’s fitness. Kohli is always passionate and ready for the match.

Virat Kohli's Passion and Dedication

Seeing Virat’s passion, Rohit has said that Kohli is always present for the team and I have seen Kohli play a lot, what he has achieved can be easily satisfied with it. He can say that I will easily achieve it in the  2-3 series and I will come later, but he is always there for the team. However, no long break has been taken yet.

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