Sony Inzone Buds Launch With 360 Spatial Sound For Gaming, Check specification & features

Sony has just launched Inzone Buds Bluetooth earphones in India. Sony has made these buds especially for gamers. This Buds are designed for serious gaming with long battery life and low latency with USB-C dongle. These can also be directly connected to your Android smartphones and IOS mobile phones with LE audio (regular Bluetooth is not supported).

The latest edition of the company’s TWS audio lineup, these are stylishly designed and feature an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system to reduce external noise for gamers, which can be controlled as per your preferences. Features, Battery Stay tuned till the end of the article to know about life, specification, ANC and gaming mode etc.

Inzone Buds Design And Wearing Comfort

Sony Inzone Buds

Sony has given a great look to Buds, which gives the experience of being truly wireless because apart from being small in size, they have also been made very light in weight, this reduces the contact with the ear, so that you You don’t even feel like wearing the buds and you can enjoy gaming by wearing them for a long time. Along with this, you will get to see these buds in two color options, Light Mode and Dark Mode.This look of hers looks quite attractive.

Inzone Buds Sound Quality

Sony Inzone Buds

If we talk about their sound quality, then in Inzone Buds you get a 360 spatial sound system for gaming which will always try to keep you one step ahead of the competitors by listening to the direction and sound of the feet of the opponents in the game. It creates a sound field tailored to you, meaning the sound you hear is influenced by the unique shape of your ear rather than injecting external sound. this buds provide more accurate spatial sound.

Create a personalized hearing profile by taking photos of your ears using the 360 ​​Spatial Sound Personalizer function in the mobile app. After that you can enjoy your game with spatial accuracy. After which you will not hear any external voice.

The performance of this headphone varies from person to person. Because it detects the ear and creates a customized sound. The buds play sounds through the app to test the driver and use a feedback microphone to measure how the sound fills your ear canal. For your ear Is it customized or not? Based on acoustic analysis, the sound is customized using the Inzone Hub PC application, ensuring a truly personalized spatial listening experience.

Sony has provided Buds Sound Setting option for sound control in INZONE buds, in which you can customize the sound as per your choice and you will also be able to use EQ option in it. You can set the sound according to your game.

Inzone Buds Battery life

The battery in Inzone Buds is built with an L1 dedicated ultra low latency wireless dongle which gives you up to 12 hours of battery life with low power consumption so you can enjoy gaming for longer periods of time. Along with this, you also get instant charging facility in which you can charge the battery for just 5 minutes and use it for an hour, so that you will be able to use it for a longer time while charging.

Inzone Buds AI Microphone

Sony Inzone Buds

In the Buds, you will find an AI microphone that captures the voice. To hear your voice, the INZONE Buds take advantage of the algorithm built with AI. The noise reduction algorithm was developed with AI, which includes Over 500 million voice samples were used to suppress ambient noise while accurately capturing your voice. Which captures your soft voice and turns it into a loud voice and also gets rid of external noise.

Inzone Buds Operation Tap

You can operate these buds very easily, in this you will be able to control the volume by tapping on the buds with your finger, increase or decrease the volume, mute the mic etc. by double tap, triple tap or long press, which is very easy.

Inzone Buds Low latency

A USB-C® dongle connection provides less than 30 ms latency which means you can game as much as you want. These buds are extremely light weight and no lag.

Sony Inzone Buds Price

If we talk about the price information of these buds, then tremendous features are available at a good price. The Inzone Buds come in Black and White colours and are priced at Rs. 17,990. this product more information visit Sony Official wbsite-Click Here

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