Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya Audience Review and Box Office Collection

Teri baaton mein aisa uljha jiya Audience Review: This movie is taking theatres by storm recently. Which is being given a lot of love by the audience. Rated from 3.5 stars to 5 stars by the audience,  this movie seems to blend well with sci-fi elements like robotics and AI well infused in the fun entertainer story with fresh rom.com.  The film starts well with hilarious moments around the narrative and the play feels a bit repetitive or drawn after the interval, gradually it moves towards the final 20 minutes which is filled with lots of entertainment, entertainment,  emotions and strong performances.

Shahid Kapoor has given a brilliant and adorable performance in terms of the performance of this movie, he is very charming and fun to watch, he has also done good comedy and it was a pleasant experience to see Shahid dancing on passionate songs on celluloid after a long time. Kriti Sanon as a robot has been beautiful and amazing throughout the movie, she has done very well, especially in the last 20 minutes she is rocking the frame,  the chemistry between Kriti and Shahid seems very real and organic and that is why the love story connects.

Along with the audience, veteran actors like Dimple Kapadia, Dharmendra have given a bang performance. The music is great, the VFX is beautifully managed. What failed somewhere is  that the trailer revealed a lot of things that  directly disrupted the viewing experience, making it seem too predictable in some parts. Some comic scenes look silly and fail.

There was a lot of potential in this story, the screenplay could have been better, the climax seems incomplete and ends with a hint on part  2, but with all the flaws the film has its own merits and it surely entertains you by making you laugh, feel the emotions and perform. You offer a unique experience and experience with a refreshing concept. Overall, in terms of entertainment, this film can definitely be seen in theaters.

Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya Box Office Collection

Talking about the Teri Baat Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya Box Office Collection: the movie was released on February 9, which collected  6.50 crores on the first day. According to media reports, the news has come out that this film  has been prepared in Rs 75 crore. This movie has been in a lot of discussion about advance booking, the film is getting good response in advance booking.

Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya Box Office Collection

According to Pinkvilla, the English website of Teri Baat Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya  movie, according to the three national chains, about 24 thousand tickets have been booked in advance, while about seven thousand advance bookings have been done in Senapolix. In the coming days, ‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’ can get a good response.

Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya Movie Story

The story of ‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’ movie is the story of a robot, this robot is Kriti Sanon and Shahid Kapoor falls in love with it then Shahid Kapoor takes it to his family to pursue his loving relationship. They do not know that it is a robot, in this way both of them are confused and try to make the audience laugh through weak one-liners.

‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’ was Made in How Much Budget

'Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya' Budget

There is only one question coming on the mouth of all the audience that how much budget has this movie been made, so according to the news, let me tell you that this movie is being made in the budget of around Rs 75 crores. It was known from the trailer of the movie ‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya‘ that Kriti Sanon was seen playing the role of a robot in this film. With whom Shahid Kapoor falls in love, this film is directed by Amit Joshi and Aradhana Sah. Which has been released in theaters on 9 February during Valentine’s Week.

How much did Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya movie earn on the first day?

Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya movie has collected Rs 6.50 crore on the first day.

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