Valentine’s Day पर कीजिये अपने पार्टनर को खुश, यह 5 मजेंदार Gadgets गिफ्ट देकर !

On Valentine’s Day (14 February), everyone wants to make their partners happy by giving them gifts, but most of the people do this by going to a particular shop or store and buying any gift for Valentine’s Day, and most of the people buy gifts for them. We buy because we do not understand the right way to buy gifts. But today in modern times, people mostly like to do online shopping, that is why we will tell you some gifts (Gadgets) which you can buy and give to your partner to make them happy.

You just have to read this article “Gifts (Gadgets) for Valentine’s Day” to know about the gifts, and you can already order the perfect gift as per your budget. You will find it available on Amazon or Flipkart, or if you find it in any store, you can buy it from there also.

Gifts For Valentine’s Day: RD Cosmo Smart Ring

As far as giving a good gift to your partner on Valentine’s Day is concerned, people are now emerging from old-fashioned things and want to gift new-fashioned things. Flowers, chocolates, letters etc. are all normal things which are used to be given to one’s partner, but in today’s time these gifts have become outdated. That is why I will tell you about a gift which your partner will be very happy with, whose name is RD Cosmo Smart Ring.

Gifts For Valentine’s Day: RD Cosmo Smart Ring

This smart ring detects a lot of details from your body when worn. You can see these details on your mobile phone because it is equipped with health detecting sensor and tactile touch sensor along with Bluetooth. Apart from this, it also tracks your location and you can also make emergency calling through this ring. This ring connects to the mobile through Bluetooth, after which you can see the information about whatever this ring detects in your mobile. The price of this ring is ₹ 3,949, which you can buy from Amazon or Flipkart, but if it is available at any shop near you, you can buy it at a lower price by bargaining a little.

Valentine’s Day Gifts: Smart Watch: Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus

Generally everyone wears a watch, but in today’s time, people prefer to wear smart watches. Meanwhile, on Valentine’s Day, you can make your partner happy by gifting this smart watch in a low budget. Smart watches are very popular in the market these days but I would recommend this watch to you because this watch is a trending watch with AI voice assistant in which all the features can be seen.

Valentine’s Day Gifts: Smart Watch: Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus

Its special thing is that you can search it by saying anything because AI voice assistant has been provided in it, through this you can get information immediately. Talking about its brand, Fire Bolt is a very good company, which mostly makes watches, earphones, earbuds, and other fun electronic products.

Valentine’s Day Gifts: Walkent Stylish Laptop Bag

This is a smart bag which you can gift to your partner and do something easy for him, with this bag you can charge your mobile phone. Let us tell you about its design that it is a bag made of premium leather, which is a very good bag for keeping laptops.

You get many other features in it, like this bag is waterproof and there is no harm to the items kept inside if it gets wet with water. There are two cool packets on the side of this bag, which looks very nice. Additionally, you also get a power bank installed in the bag itself, with which you can charge your mobile phone by connecting a cable from outside.

Valentine’s Day Gifts: Walkent Stylish Laptop Bag

This bag can easily hold a 15.6 inch laptop and you can also keep a tablet up to 10.2 inches. Despite this, there is still plenty of space left in your bag for other items. You can use this bag regularly, like for going to college, coaching, and school. It is available on Amazon for Rs 2,990 with all the features, but you can also save a few more pesos by buying this bag from a nearby shop.

Valentine’s Day Gifts: ToTwoo Always Soulmate Smart Bracelets
Valentine’s Day Gifts: ToTwoo Always Soulmate Smart Bracelets

This bracelet comes with a pair that both lovers can wear. Looks very beautiful. These bracelets are connected with mobile apps. It doesn’t matter how far away you are, with Tutu Always Soulmate Smart Bracelets, just one touch will make your partner’s bracelet glow. Share the feeling of loneliness with your partner by touching it when you are away from them can do.

Valentine’s Day Gifts: Da Vinci Eye
Valentine’s Day Gifts: Da Vinci Eye

This gift can bring immense happiness to your partner. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but capturing it on the page is beyond your skill. You can still draw a portrait of your loved one with Da Vinci’s Eye. The app uses AR projection, allowing you to paint or sketch what you capture with your phone’s camera. You can make a sketch as per your wish and decorate it on the wall by placing a frame for an old memory.

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Valentine Week Days (7 February to 14 February)

Valentine Week is considered to be the most awaited week of love, a week long celebration of love and passion is known as Valentine Week. It starts from 7th February and continues till 14th February. This week is especially the week of love-loving spouse or girlfriend-boyfriend. This week, every day has a different theme to celebrate love. The days to express your love to your partner are Valentine’s Day, Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day and Kiss Day.

Couples express their love for each other by giving gifts, flowers, chocolates and thoughtful gestures to each other.

Valentine Week Days List

DaysName of the DayValentine’s Week 2024 List
Day 1Rose Day 07 February
Day 2Propose Day08 February
Day 3Chocolate Day09 February
Day 4Teddy Day10 February
Day 5Promise Day11 February
Day 6Hug Day12 February
Day 7Kiss Day13 February
Day 8Valentine’s Day14 February
Valentine Week Days List

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