Rishabh Pant Interview: धोनी के तानों से परेशान होने का खुलासा किया! ‘I am still Recovering’- When will Rishabh Pant Return?

Rishabh Pant has expressed his feelings in a post on x in which he said that I made my Indian cricket team debut on February 1, 2017 and I have the privilege of representing my country at the highest level of the game. A very proud moment and I always get goosebumps thinking about that day!

Expressing his feelings, Rishabh Pant said, most of the time I did not feel like this. I was surprised in the beginning. You saw them all on TV. But they were all welcoming. Even the super seniors made me comfortable.

Reminiscing about the past, Pant said that the senior players have played an important role in making him feel at home, creating a cordial atmosphere, which is embedded in the team culture. It’s the team culture to make everyone comfortable. And when it happens in the beginning, it’s good. Because at the age of 17-18, you don’t know anything about life,” Pant expressed while acknowledging the upbringing environment around him.

Pant said that of course you have experience, but I tried to learn a lot as a child. I think all of these things are beneficial, not everyone gets to have these kinds of experiences. And the things you learn from your experiences help you a lot in life. Your brain starts reading life that way.

Pant said that he revealed about facing taunts from ‘MS Dhoni’ in the beginning of his career. He was asked about a match where he was targeted by the crowd after he faltered behind the stumps. Sometimes you get a lot of love, “Sometimes you get a lot of love and sometimes not? Was there any incident in Mohali?” I had just made it into the team and people were talking about replacements. Why were people raising such questions on a young player? Because the new player does not even have experience. Because someone has played five matches and someone has played five matches and has played 500.

It has been a long journey, life has had a lot of ups and downs. I felt very bad. I used to go back to my room and keep crying, at the age of 20-21, so stressed, I couldn’t breathe. The pressure was so much that I didn’t know what to do. “In Mohali, I missed a stumping and the crowd started chanting ‘Dhoni, Dhoni’,” Rishabh Pant said on Star Sports.

How did Rishabh Pant’s Accident Happen?

Rishabh Pant has revealed about the accident that he was afraid that his right leg would be amputated after a horrific car accident a year ago, but his leg was saved. In December 2022, Pant was traveling from Delhi to his hometown Roorkee in his car to meet his family when his car collided with the divider in the middle of the road. Pant had recently returned from Bangladesh after playing a key role in India’s victory in the second Test in Mirpur.

Rishabh Pant's Accident

Shano, recalling his accident after the accident, said that he was in excruciating pain as his right kneecap was dislocated, and when he lay face down it turned 180 degrees to the right. There was someone nearby so I asked someone if they could help me get the leg back into position. He helped put the knee back in place. Two persons, Rajat Kumar and Nishu Kumar Pant, were pulled out of their SUV before it burst into flames.

Pant received initial treatment at a hospital in Dehradun and was later airlifted to Mumbai where he was under the care of a specialist consultant called by the BCCI. After undergoing surgery to reconstruct all three ligaments in his right knee, Pant underwent his rehabilitation at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru.

Will Rishabh Pant Return?

Rishabh Pant has now completely recovered, he has shared a post on social media while doing exercises and practicing, in which he looks completely fine. Rishabh Pant will be sent to England for better treatment. BCCI is trying to ensure that Rishabh Pant is fully recovered and can return to the IPL so that his chances of playing in the T20 World Cup increase. Before this, it was decided to send Mohammed Shami and Suryakumar Yadav also to England.

Rishabh Pant Return

Pant was also seen sitting at the auction table of Delhi Capitals during the IPL Auction 2024 in Dubai. Delhi Capitals shared a video of Pant in which Pant had given a statement regarding his recovery and comeback. Pant had said that ‘I feel that I have become much better now compared to the last few months. It will still take a few months for recovery but I am confident that I will do it. And it is my hope that I will be seen playing in IPL 2024.

Rishabh Pant IPL 2024– ‘I am still Recovering

Rishabh Pant is set to return for Delhi Capitals in IPL 2024 and that too as captain. During the IPL Auction 2024 in Dubai, Pant was seen sitting at the auction table of Delhi Capitals and being a part of the players’ auction. Pant has said that I am recovering and expressed hope that I am ready to play for Delhi Capitals in IPL 2024. Although no official information has been given about Rishabh Pant IPL Price 2024, but all the reports say that Pant has been retained by Delhi Capitals for 16 crores

Rishabh Pant IPL 2024- 'I am still Recovering'

Delhi Capitals has retained Rishabh Pant ahead of the IPL 2024 auction, leading fans to believe that he can return to the cricket field as captain in the upcoming season of IPL. However, no official confirmation has been given regarding Pant’s return to professional cricket.

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Will Rishabh Pant be seen playing in IPL 2024?

Yes, Pant has expressed hope that he is recovering and was seen sitting at the table of Delhi Capitals team in the IPL auction. Also, some pictures while doing exercise have also been seen on Instagram story.

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