Swiggy Viral Video: Man ordered food worth ₹42 lakh

Swiggy Viral Video: India has become a country with a population of 150 crores. The way the population is increasing day by day in India, it seems that you cannot give any publicity in terms of population.  There are many types of people living in this country, there are different  types of diversity among these people too. Every person’s choice is different.

In today’s era, we get to see such strange people on the Internet, in which article are we going to know about such a man from India? Who has spent as much food as the price of a car in 1 year. This man is so fond of eating online, that he has spent more than 42 lakhs in his food. If you also want to know this article in detail, then be ready till the end of this article.

Swiggy Viral Video: Food worth 42 lakhs

Swiggy Viral Video: In today’s modern era, everyone likes to eat fast food. For this, such online apps are available in the market these days on which you can get food delivered to your home. If you are also fond of eating fast food online, then you must have heard about our famous Swiggy app. From where people get home delivery of fast food like pizza, burger etc. online and can enjoy food sitting at home.

Famous online fast food delivering app Swiggy has shared information about this man on its social media platform, and described this man as a special customer. You can imagine how big a deal it can be to order food worth Rs 42.3 lakh from an online fast food app in 1 year. Have you seen this type of man in your life or not? Please tell in the comments below.

Swiggy Viral Video Detials

Swiggy Viral Video: But today such a news has come out that we are going to know about a man from Mumbai, who has ordered food worth Rs 42 lakh through Swiggy app and eaten it in one year. You heard it right, he has ordered food worth more than Rs 42 lakh from online fast food Swiggy in a year, whoever heard this news was stunned. There are many people who do not believe this, but it is completely true.

This person is going viral very fast on the internet these days. This person is from Mumbai, who has ordered food worth Rs 42.3 lakh through Swiggy app in the year 2022. The company has disclosed this in its annual report, and said that this biryani was the most liked biryani on Swiggy within the year 2023. Along with this, Swiggy company has also moved ahead in terms of earnings compared to Zomato company.

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How a Swiggy delivery executive role helped a man, his family and inspired them to go viral online

It was like any other day for Mahesh PR Mahi. He picked up his 7-year-old daughter Avantika from school and was bringing her home. At this time, Mahesh was applying for many jobs but could not succeed. Today was about to fall apart, he and his wife Pooja were waiting to surprise Avantika with her father’s new role Swiggy’s delivery executive. But he had no idea that Avantika’s reaction video would become so viral.

When they reached home, Avantika was asked to close her eyes and Mahesh took out his uniform to show her that she got this role. What happened next was immaculate joy and happiness that soon went viral. This is the story of Mahesh and Avantika, and we bet you will be pleasantly surprised by what you read.

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